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Vaporization heat pump (by spraying and atomization).

Energy spending by a heat pump is mainly used for compressing the refrigerant vapor,
 or mechanical energy (compression heat pump) or thermal energy (absorption heat pump).

In the system described, this is the vaporization (by spraying and atomization) of the refrigerant in a high pressure carrier gas which provides the high-pressure refrigerant : the energy necessary for spraying (atomization) being less than the energy required for compression (by comparing with a compression system), the coefficient of performance will be higher.

The idea is free (by publishing disclosure) and is available to any person or company wishing to develop it.

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Electricity generator for vehicles using formic acid. 

The vehicle tank consists of several cylinders with:

- formic acid destined to be decomposed into H2 and CO2,
- liquid CO2.

A moving piston separates the two liquids.

During use, formic acid decreases and CO2 increases.
At the filling station, a pistol with two ports simultaneously allows the reverse operation: fill in formic acid and evacuate liquid CO2.

An expandable envelope surrounds the tank and fills in it of CO2 in case of excessive pressure of it.

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Electricity storage.

The idea is based on three existing concepts:

A. The high temperature electrolysis requires two times less electricity.

B. The recovering of the heat in high temperature molten salts.

C. The use of formic acid as a hydrogen tank.

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